2017 – The Year of the Stars

Like many other gastronomic enthusiasts, I also dream of indulging in the ultimate Micheline  3-star experience. Unfortunately, it’s not everyday that I can afford splurge $500 for a dinner for two. Today, that all changes!


Lunch at Jean-George is one of the most affordable (though nowhere near cheap) ways to experience a 3-star feast. We reserved a table for two at noon. Here are my thoughts:

Atmosphere: 2/3 – Located inside the Trump International Towers, the restaurant has one main entrance which leads to two restaurants: the more casual Nougatine and Jean-George. You’ll have to walk through the Nougatine before entering the main dining room where Jean-George is located; the reception and toilettes are also shared amongst the two restaurants. A day prior to our reservation, the Maitre’d called to confirm and kindly remind me of the dress code. Formal. Although there were certainly guests who stuck to this protocol, this was clearly not the 100% case. Perhaps dinner is different but don’t feel bad if you want to come in dark jeans, nice shoes, and a sweater.

Service: 2/3 – For a 3-star restaurant, I would expect immaculate reception upon entering the restaurant such as removal of my coat, opening of all doors, and accompanying me to the entrance of the restrooms – I sound like a snob but this is true 3-star experience. Our waitress was very friendly, and it was obvious that much choreography had gone into the service itself but execution could have been improved. Missing wine glasses, lack of a spoon to mix honey in my tea, and strange synchronization between waiters to remove our plates.

Food: 3/3 – Excellent – I had the Peekytoe Crab Dumplings and the Black Sea Bass. The Bass was served in a sweet & sour jus with a variety of root vegetables and mushrooms. Delicious! Pierre has the Gulf Shrimp with Saffron Yogurt (oh so tasty) and the Truffle Crusted Wild King Salmon. The salmon itself was cooked perfectly but seemed to overpower the truffle crust. Perhaps it was cut too thick. My favorite part of the meal was dessert … a discovery of chocolate indulgence with a mix of ingredients served up on a circular map.

Value: $59 for 2 courses + $12 for the dessert tasting. You’ll have to add service & tax but overall this is a great deal for the quality of food and general experience.

Watch our whole experience here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRepMZB-W0E]

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  1. Love the desert 🙂

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