Sleepless in Soufriere – St. Lucia

Take any postcard picture of Soufriere, and one could come to the conclusion that it is close to paradise. The town sits on the edge of St. Lucia’s natural landmarks: lush valleys, volcanoes, sulfuric springs, waterfalls, and of course the famous Gros & Petit Piton.

It is very close to paradise in the daytime. At night, this can quickly take the opposite direction depending on your preference. If you like blasting music and loud bass thumping through the valley Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 6:30 am – this is definitely still paradise for you. Otherwise, I would leave you with a word of caution. Stay on the good side of the valley!

Our plan was to wake up at 6am in order to hike up Gros Piton. After waking up multiple times at night due to a rotating combination of bass and pouring rain, I was exhausted in the a.m. We decided to pass up on the hike for today until the rain passed.

I was finally able to catchup on some shut eye after grabbing my earphones (why didn’t I do that sooner!). After all that, waking up to this view isn’t the worse compensation.

View from the upstairs bedroom window in our villa.fullsizerender

We finalized our plan and decided to head into town to try a more “local” restaurant as we were quickly tiring of resort life. Unfortunately for us, Sunday means that everything is pretty much closed – grocery stores included.

After a slight detour with an eager local looking to help, we ended up at Dasheene at Ladera on the other side of the valley, found on the way up to Petit Piton. Not exactly the local spot we had in mind, but the restaurant had an amazing view of the Pitons which we enjoyed.

We were offered a local bread with spiced olive oil (reminded us of a tapenade)fullsizerender

My lunch – the Seafood Saladfullsizerender_1

Our table overlooking Soufriere Valley and Bay.fullsizerender_2

View from Ladera’s pool.fullsizerender-1

After filling our stomachs, we headed over to the Sulphur Springs bath nearby. The mud is meant to have healing properties. My skin definitely felt smoother afterwards – we will see if I have been healed from anything.

Pierre and I playing in the mud. mud-pics

For dinner, we headed back in the direction of Ladera to Boucon at Hotel Chocolate to try their chocolate inspired menu.

*Sidenote – Boucon includes all service charges in their menu prices. Typically, other restaurants will add 10% service charge to your final bill. We appreciated the inclusive pricing however we still felt as though portions were small for what we ordered.


Pierre with our chocolate bread tasting on the house. Nut pesto, chocolate butter, and chocolate & balsamic glaze. The latter was our favourite out of the three.fullsizerender_1

We shared a Creole Fish (fillet) $35img_6506

Dessert to end – a trio of sorbets. Our favorite was the cacao pulp-soursopfullsizerender_2

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