Skipper’s – A local gem in St. Lucia

Staying in Souffriere has been great. Mountain views and isolated beaches, what could go wrong? Indeed my friend, too much indulgence can sometimes be too much of a good thing. By day 4, Pierre and I were sick of our resort life .. and we weren’t even staying in a resort. We were craving for a local experience, something normal! After our failed attempted to visit Jah Lamb’s Vegetarian (closed on Mondays) and our slight disappointment at Petit Peak (price for value), we went to a restaurant recommended by Faby, our host. In actuality, our first instinct should have been to ask our host for a local recommendation that she frequents.

We decided to dedicate this particular day to exploring more local experiences. We stopped in the heart of Souffriere town before heading off to Castries. 

My intention was solely to scope out the locale however after taking a look at the menu and seeing the fresh grubs in person, we couldn’t resist but take a plate to go.

Choose your main with tons of sides included!

A casual spot with its own charm. No frills, delicious food.

We opted for the grilled tuna marinated in delicious herbs. This was probably the tastiest meal we had in Souffriere. The many sides included: beans, taro, mac & cheese, fresh salad, rice, and potato salad. This is THE definition of a mixed plate. It was 100% delicious!

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  1. Awesome!! Great food there – good quality too 🙂

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