How much would you pay?

Continuing with the theme of starred restaurants, I thought I would indulge my fantasies by looking into the menus of all of the 3-star restaurants in NYC. I doubt that I will be able to go to all of them, but let’s just play around for one evening. Imagine if I did, let’s see how much this would cost.

The good news – there are only six 3-star restaurants in NYC. Let’s review.

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare – 2.5 hour dinner experience for $330 per guest, all-inclusive excluding tax. PASS.

  • Eleven Madison Park – 8-10 courses, dinner or lunch, for $290 per person, all-inclusive excluding tax. PASS.

  • Jean-Georges – Lunch 2 courses for $59, additional plate $29. DONE.

  • Per Se – Prix Fix Tasting of Vegetables for $325 per person, service included. TO DO – despite the price this is still on my list of places to visit along with French Laundry.

  • Masa – Dinner is a whopping $595 per person, excluding tax. Shocking. PASS. A potential option could be to visit Bar Masa for lunch. Bento’s start at $28.

  • Le Bernardin – Dinner Prix-Fixe $150 – 4 Courses. DONE 2010. Lunch in the lounge is $55 for 3 courses. TO DO – could be a nice option to try with Pierre.

Conclusion – Try Bar Masa + Le Bernardin for lunch.

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