Have you ever wanted to do something but never quite made it into a reality? That’s my experience with blogging for the past 10 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to live, work, and travel in some of the world’s greatest cities. I started my career in London after a temporary 6 month assignment turned into a 5 year stint. After yearning for a change, I took up a somewhat random project¬†in Nigeria which led me to meet the love of my life which led to a 3 year love affair with Paris. In between all of this I’ve travelled around various places in Europe and Asian to regret that none of these experience have been documented.¬†After 10 years of failed attempts to write simply for the pleasure of writing, I currently have a great reason to pick up the pen (or keyboard) again.

Project 12×12

Project 12×12 is essentially an idea that my husband and I had to live in 12 countries during 12 consecutive months. Starting in September 2017, we will leave our current lives in NYC to start the first leg of our journey in Europe, sailing in Greece. From there – we will make it to Portugal then to Taiwan before heading to Southeast Asia and beyond. We leave with the notion that we can do what we love, find passion, and secure our futures all at the same time. You can follow our journey together at inspiredbytwelve.com.